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DIY Project with lobster clasp and jump ring

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When it comes to jewelry making or taking up a D.I.Y. project for your jewelry pieces it becomes important to use the correct clasp that promises durability and strength. Speaking of designing these, the most common clasp used or recommended is a lobster lock clasp. Replacing a broken or missing lobster clasp usually costs between $75 to $275 depending on the size. If you would like to save money, follow the pro tips mentioned below.

What is a lobster clasp?

Lobster locks or lobster clasps are commonly used to fasten necklaces or bracelets. These keep the weight of the chain or pendant in position. One should also keep in mind that the size of the ring needs to be suitable for the chain size (as referred to in the image below). The average size of the lobster claw clasp is 8 mm and goes up to 12.5 mm.

Pro tip: select the lobster clasp size depending on how heavy the jewelry is. A mismatch would not fit the chain you wish to customize or amend.

    Size chart for lobster clasp

How does the lobster clasp work with the jump ring?

Jump rings are loops that are used for chain extensions, clasps, and charms. These are the steps you can follow to add a jump ring to the clasp:

  1. Open the jump ring from the lobster clasp using nose pliers and move one side clockwise to create an opening.
  2. Once the jump ring is open, insert the jump ring from the chain end into the open ring as shown below.
  3. After the ring is inserted in the open ring, close the jump ring by moving it anti-clockwise
  4. You would notice the two ends meeting face to face – and the jump ring is safely secured.


We at RitaStephens Jewelry, offer the lobster clasp lock with the jump ring (as you see in the above picture) for the replacement locks for your D.I.Y. project. These clasps are properly marked and stamped. We offer these in 14k gold at unbelievable prices.

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