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How to Choose the Perfect Earrings for Your Outfit?


Fashion means something different to all of us, and we all tend to focus on different things when it comes to fashion. This leads to most of us being totally confused in how we’re supposed to figure out what to wear when it comes to dressing up for something special. Need some help especially with your earrings? Here are some tips to give you a helpful guide in choosing the perfect earrings for every outfit. 

  •     Pick one focal point when choosing jewelry: If you’ve got the perfect chunky necklace or a statement bracelet, keep that in mind when planning the rest of your jewelry -- even earrings. You don’t want to have more than one focal point in your outfit; otherwise it’ll look overdone or childish. Whatever you think is the best focal point, let the other pieces fade into the background. 
  •     Sometimes simple and elegant are best: If you’ve a really special occasion and you’re feeling the pressure to get that earring game just right, take a breath and stick to some staples. Going with simple, elegant and timeless earrings is never a bad idea, and they can actually have more of an effect than going with a haute couture, look of the week vibe.  Plus, sophisticated earrings help you look put-together. 
  •     Contrast color with neutrals: Don’t get stuck in that trend of choosing bright colors with studs or hoops. You can enjoy simple neutral metallic hues with a hint of shimmer when it comes to your earrings, even if the rest of your outfit or jewelry is colored. Likewise, if you have quiet and simple jewelry hues, you can add a splash of playful color of contrast gems in your earrings. 
  •     Keep it personal: Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your jewelry choice personal. You may look perfectly accessorized for your special event, but if you can’t see yourself in your accessory choices, you’ve chosen wrong! Even when your look has to be “right”, your jewelry should be a representation of you and your own style choices.
  •     Get a second opinion: When you’re in doubt or going between two stellar choices, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion from someone that you know and trust to tell you the truth. Ideally, it should be someone who aligns with your style preferences, too! 

All of this may feel a bit overwhelming, but remember that most of it is about taking a look at your collection of earrings and remembering these guidelines as general pointers. The rest is about going with what makes you feel like you look great and feel confident in the ensemble. Since confidence is 90% looking great in every situation, don’t overlook this detail! 

Jewelry and picking the right accessories in general takes some time and effort. Focus on all of these tips and reminders when choosing the perfect earrings for your outfit to help make it easier and even more enjoyable so that you know you look your best from casual to business to dressed-up situations.

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